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Seeds migrate on the wings of the winds, plants migrate from continent to continent by the currents of the sea, birds and beasts migrate...

And the same for people who migrate either in groups or individually, always as instruments of Divine Providence that watches over and guides human destinies towards their end which is the perfection of people on earth and the glory of God in heaven.

John Baptist Scalabrini



The Scalabrinian Mission And Charism

The Missionaries of St. Charles (Scalabrinians) was founded in 1887 by Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini in an effort to offer pastoral care for Italian immigrants going to the Americas, both north and south. He had a vision of a Congregation of priests and brothers working side by side with the laity to offer a holistic care for those caught up with the trauma of being a migrant.

Today we are a religious community that continues the mission of Christ through the pastoral care of migrants and refugees in 26 countries . Our current membership consists of about 735 members and we have never been more than 745 members in our history. We currently have 7 provinces and recently (1998) the three provinces of Europe formed into one Federation of Provinces.

As a Congregation dedicated to the pastoral care of migrants and refugees our community has tended to follow the path of migration. In many cases we have arrived at a place after the migrants and so of course the biggest pastoral challenge remains to plan in such a way that our missionaries anticipate the arrival of the migrants.

A Brief Introduction To Our Province - Saint John The Baptist

Our province is located in four countries (USA, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala). The provincial office is in Oak Park, Illinois located just outside Chicago. Our membership comes from 13 countries and ranges in age from 30 to 88. We currently have 66  members in the province along with 10 religious students at our Theology House in Chicago. In addition to those in Theology we have an additional 78 seminarians, as well as several Scalabrinian volunteers who are working with us for at least one year.

Our missionary focus for the last twenty-five years has been to be migrants with the migrants and to be in mission with people on the move along with a special priority for the poorest migrants. What has become very obvious is that as we have taken more missionary risks and made an effort to clarify our Charism we have been blessed with more and more vocations. The blessing is doubled by the fact that we are currently receiving the vocations that match our present need.


Prayer in Honor of Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini

All powerful and merciful God, you gave to the Church Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini as an outstanding teacher of Christian faith, and an untiring promoter of social justice, and you made him Father and Apostle to those migrating to foreign lands; through his intercession grant to us, your children, to follow faithfully his teaching and to imitate his zeal for the salvation of souls. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen