San Juan Bautista Scalabrini



1.    “I have never considered my own life more precious than souls.”

2.    “Place God and the good of souls above all things; the rest counts very little.”

3.    “Jesus must be the beginning and the end of our actions, the soul of our souls, the life of our lives.”

4.    “We should not eat, drink, sleep, study, speak, nor even amuse ourselves unless it is for the good of others, and we must never get tired.”

5.    “The Church, which is Jesus Christ extended and communicated, can never hush up, approve, or do what goes against the faith.”

6.    “To be able to give, it is necessary to save: this is the way to be helped by God in the practice of good.”

7.    “Do not fear: with the crucifix in hand even a crazy person can perform miracles.”

8.    “The Kingdom of God spreads through the Eucharist.”

9.    “In suffering have courage, be calm, and trust in God.”

10.   “There is nothing more natural than the supernatural.”

11.   “I begin a work, and then I place it in the hands of God.  He looks after it.”

12.   “When God wants it, we must go forward no matter may happen.”

13.   “Embrace charity ardently; it is the source of all virtues.”

14.   “The true Christian is he who hungers and thirsts for justice.”

15.   “What is most missing nowadays is not so much the knowledge of one’s duty but the courage to accomplish it.”

16.   “The fire of our friendship is so great that no river can extinguish it.”

17.   “Prayer is the most lively, the strongest and the most powerful element of the apostolate.”

18.   “The word of God must make us Christians in our heart and in our works.”

19.   “Christ in the Eucharist is the power and wisdom of God, and we preach Christ, the power and wisdom of God.”

20.   “Catechesis makes us know and love Jesus the Savior.”

21.   “Winning young people over to God, that is the shortest and surest way to reform everything.”

22.   “He who has faith, he who lives by faith not only loves God but feels compelled to lead others to love him also, because love can never resign itself to indifference.”

23.   “The world moves on and we cannot remain behind.”

24.   “Go, apostles of Jesus Christ: go speedy (messengers… to the people who await you.”

25.   “See to it that everyone experiences how gentle the Lord is!”

26.   “Catechism must be taught always and everywhere, in church, in school and in the family.”

27.   “Catechesis is the most effective apostolate, because it means forming Jesus Christ in the faithful.”

28.   “The care of the sick is useful and praiseworthy and should be carried out everywhere and in every form. But for those who are far from their homeland it becomes an absolute necessity.

29.   “To direct and assist migration is also the duty of the State, which must insure moral and material protection.”

30.   “The needs afflicting our migrants are material and moral.  Hence, to respond to this double necessity, the under­taking must be religious and lay at one and the same time.”

31.   “The Christian family is a little kingdom, founded, developed and governed by love.”

32.   “Oh, blessed the steps of missionaries who bring the Good News to our abandoned brothers and sisters!  How precious is their labor before the heavens.  How beautiful and moving it is before the earth!”

33.   “Religious instruction would be good for nothing if the witness of charity were lacking, especially toward the sick and the poor.”

34.   “Catechesis is precisely the foundation on which all preaching and all pastoral activity must be based.”

35.   “To educate a child is to see to it that in his soul resonate the words: God – Country – Freedom – Equality and Fraternity, as the Gospel consecrates them.”

36.   “Let us leave our tents, but let us remember that we have no weapon other than faith and charity.”

37.   “Do not expect to make others holy if you are not holy yourselves, for only sanctity produces saintly deeds.”

38.   “God has instilled in the heart of the woman a very peculiar power which brings her to have a mysterious influence over minds and hearts.”

39.   “In almost all cases, migration is not a pleasure but an unavoidable necessity.”

40.   “The older I get, the more I am convinced that true good is done when every person takes his place.”

41.   “To make only one person happy is more important than to be happy.”

42.   “We are children of Mary’s ‘yes’ to Redemption.”

43.   “The image of God is easily engraved on soft wax, but to carve it on marble one needs the chisel, as well as effort and time.”

44.   “Educating means depositing all the truth in the mind of the learner, from the simplest to the highest truth; it means opening his heart to the most noble sentiments.”

45.   “Freedom means being able to think, speak and act free of any unjust bond, albeit in subjection to the sole  authority of God and with full respect for human laws.”

46.   “When we pray, it is the Universe praying in us and with us.”

47.   “God knows the time to build and the time to destroy; and at the proper time he builds and he destroys.”

48.   “The rosary devotion has become the devotion of all times, all places, all conditions, all ages, and all languages … the universal devotion.”

49.   “The poor person is the pupil of God’s eye; and whatever we do to that person we do it to God himself.”

50.   “Love never resigns itself to indifference.”

51.   “The word is, for every person, the principle source of truth and science…”

52.   “The word is, for the nation, the golden chain that links intellects and hearts…”

53.   “The word is, for mankind, the marvelous bond that links it to heaven.”